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Explanation of Cookies

For those unfamiliar with the concept, cookies are small files sent to your computing device when you visit certain websites or run certain applications. Web browsers exchange cookies with sites that you visit in order to identify you as a unique visitor, as well as to maintain your site or application preferences.

Analytic Cookies for makes use of analytic cookies in order to provide a more relevant experience for our users. In some cases, analytic cookies are designed and or operated by a third party. The information provided by analytic cookies gives information such as what pages on our website are visited most often, which pages are kept open the longest and any errors that may occur on the website. This helps us to keep the website running at optimal performance for our users. Companies can make use of web beacons or tracking pixels, usually single pixel images which are overlooked by most people. Such technologies are used by a wide variety of companies and keep track of the number of times a page has been loaded and do not collect any personal information from any of our users.

Third Party Cookies for

Another method to increase quality of the website is by using third party tools. Tools provided by companies with no relation to Those companies can set cookies, web beacons and tracking pixels. Those are used to further support the functionality of our website. Content from websites like or “like/share” buttons from social networking sites can be embedded in this manner, and can set cookies when embedded.

Opt Out of Cookies

By not opting-out of’s use of cookies (and any related technologies), you are agreeing to allow data to be exchanged between your computing device and our website. If you find yourself uncomfortable with’s use of these technologies, you are welcome to opt-out of exposing your computing device to them. Simply access the settings of your browser and make the appropriate changes.