Blackjack for Kindle Fire

Online gaming has Jackpot City leading the way in casino games, and they have cemented this reputation with their new casino app. They have brought mobile blackjack to the Kindle Fire tabler, with their very own app. The app is highly adaptive, and playable on the iPhone, iPad, Kindle fire, Android tablets, Android phones and a many blackberry devices. Their new app means that you can now play Jackpot City Blackjack for Android whilst sitting at home listening to your in-laws talk about their holidays.

It has an intuitive interface mixed with smooth graphics and it’s packed with Jackpot City features. Whilst playing on the Kindle Fire you will notice that the sound is crisp and synced perfectly with the casino games. You can play the games in free play to have a little practice, or you can move straight to playing for Real Money. Try their Blackjack App and win a fortune on the turn of a card.

There are just as many credit deposit methods as there are on their pc browser versions and you are even allowed to use your phone credit to top up your casino credit, along with eWallet and bank transfers. The credit appears within minutes of the upload and you are all set to start playing to win. Jackpot City always have promotional sign up offers for new players, which still apply to their phone apps and will often have promotional incentives so that you spend real money on the site.

Jackpot City game server never go offline, so you can play at any time of day throughout the week, then when you have piled up your winnings you can withdraw at any time of the day too. To begin playing you must download the Jackpot City Casino app to your iPhone and register. So your wait to play will only be as long as your download speed will allow. This means that within the next half hour, you could be logging on to your Android Casino app to win a small fortune.

The Jackpot City casino app is available for use on blackberry devices and Android phones, so you can play Android Blackjack under your desk at work. You can even download it and use it on your iPad and Kindle Fire devices. Playing on a Kindle Fire and iPad makes playing games like Blackjack for Kindle Fire a lot more realistic, as they both have a bigger screen and better resolution.