Blackjack for Samsung Galaxy

Jackpot City was one of the first to the online gaming space. They are constantly looking to continually innovate and bring new products to market. Their newest product to gaming is Blackjack for Samsung Galaxy. This is a great new Blackjack App for your mobile device.

The screen display for Blackjack for Samsung Galaxy offers great graphics and smooth play that users already expect from Jackpot City in front of their laptop or desktop computers. The sound effects are realistic, and you might even forget that you are sitting in your car or at your kitchen table. The feel of a real casino is there, no matter where you choose to play the game.

Blackjack is offered in both a free play mode and a real money mode. With a download of the app you will have your very own Android casino to play. If you want to test your skill at no risk, start out with the free play mode. Once you have your skill level up, you can change over to real money mode and begin to amass bonuses and prizes, along with cash money. Just like in real life, you can win big money at the tables when you hear the dealer yell out “Blackjack!”.

There are multiple ways to fund your real money account with Blackjack for Android. You can utilize either an eCheck, eWallet, a credit card, or even charge play to your Galaxy account. The different funding sources available are all quick and easy, and the entire process is totally secure. There are bonus offers once you sign up for your account, and your money will hit your Android Blackjack account within minutes.

Customer service is second to none with the game servers running 24/7 allowing you to play your game when you want and however you want. If the wife is making you work in the yard, you can play at night. If your neighbor is throwing a great party, you can play in the morning. It is all up to you.

Getting started is as easy as going to Jackpot City Casino and downloading the Blackjack app for Samsung Galaxy to your mobile device. You then need only follow the easy registration instructions, and you are ready to go. Happy Gaming!